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Welcome to Pat’s Smart Buys!  We offer a great selection of quality products for you and your family’s enjoyment and comfort, which are always our priority. You’ll find a variety of exciting options to choose from at Pat’s Smart Buys, and we continue to add new products.  Plus, our checkout process is quick, safe, and most importantly, secure.

When it comes to helping our customers find exactly the right item, we work closely with our manufacturers to bring you a wide variety of trending or unique products, at affordable prices.  You don’t have to window shop from store to store looking for what you need. You’re certain to find great products, great value, and great service right here.

It is certainly different today.  Let me tell you a brief story.  The year was 1974 when I started out in retailing as an assistant manager in the stationery and gift department of an upscale department store known as Bullock’s.  I was in the Sherman Oaks, California location and became the manager of the hosiery and every day jewelry department.  It was also the same year that all the Bullock’s stores moved away from individual store buyers to a central buying system out of its parent company’s office in Chicago, Illinois.  The store lost its control over what products to buy and offer its customer base.  It soon became apparent that the central buying system was not a good decision for Bullock’s.

There was one product that showed central buying was not working.  Chicago had all the Bullock’s store selling a tri-colored thong sandal for the summer season.  They were a complete flop in Southern California.  I recall the conversation with the Chicago buyer telling me how they were flying off the shelves in Chicago and the East Coast.  My response to the buyer was that we could not even give them away.  Would Chicago let us return the sandals to them to be redistributed to areas where they were selling – NO.  Bullock’s had to write them off as a complete loss.  I later found out that the Chicago buyer had never been to California and had no idea what the customers liked or disliked, nor did she care.  I left retailing shortly thereafter to pursue another career path.

Even though I pursued another career for forty years, my love of retailing never left me.  I knew that some day I would return to retailing.  Today we have the internet, email, and can buy from anywhere.  Thus, I returned to retailing through the internet.  When I opened Pat’s Smart Buys, I wanted to offer products that my customers wanted to buy.  I’ve never forgotten the experience of central buying.  Therefore, I try to choose products that are trending, useful, and usually not found in the big box stores.  I am passionate about helping others find gifts and products.  Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or product you are looking for or are unable to find.  You can email at patssmartbuys@gmail.com.

Most of our products come from China.  This means that delivery time is usually 12 to 21 days.  We do work with our suppliers many of whom do get the product to you in less than the usual delivery time.  When you place your order today, we do our best to get you your merchandise quickly, so you can begin to enjoy it as soon as possible.  We understand that the cost of shipping can be an issue, that’s why we offer free shipping. Plus, we offer no-hassle returns - your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Enjoy safe, secure online shopping.  Pat’s Smart Buys uses a safe, easy, and secure online ordering system that keeps your information private.  Plus, the site is SSL Certified, meaning we offer secure communications by encrypting all your data.

We work very hard to provide you with an excellent shopping experience at Pat’s Smart Buys, and we’re 100% confident you’ll enjoy your purchase.  After all, that’s why we’re in business.

Thank you for shopping at Pat’s Smart Buys.  We look forward to doing business with you and hope you’ll visit our online store frequently and also become your resource for products and gifts.  We’re always adding new products and expanding our inventory to better serve you.  Can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us and ask.  We will do our best to find the product.

If you are a dog lover, visit my other store at https://dogmartsolutions.com.  If your dog has diabetes or if you know of someone whose dogs has diabetes, visit my Facebook page Dog Diabetes.  I do want to write a book on pet diabetes as the free one I offer on my Facebook page needs to be updated and I have no experience in health care.  For this reason, I’m looking for a co-author who is either a veterinarian or in the veterinary field.

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